Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving (surfin' with the luthier...)

Here in the U.S. it's Thanksgiving weekend. It's a non religious Holiday where we are asked to give thanks for all that we have. I had a wonderful thanksgiving dinner with my family. I can't tell you all that I have to be thankful for. I'm a lucky guy.

One order of pickups I sent out this week was to Steve Benford. If you read this blog much you have seen me talk about his Guitars for Vets program a lot. This time I'm just going to talk about Steve. When I decided to take my hobby of tinkering with pickups and turn it into a Searcy String Works Steve was one of the first people to order from me. His first order was for a set of my Scarabs for a 2 string bass he was building for Wes Falk, bass player for Milwaukee area rockers Fabric Motive and Austin Paruch. From there things just seemed to take off. Steves sometimes conventional yet sometimes strange style seems to mesh well with my own. Over the years we have even designed a few pickups like the Benford - 100 humbucker. One of my favorite projects from Steve was the Benford 57 that featured a set of my Jazz-90s. Steve is a great guitar player and he even recorded a demo of the pickups that you can hear on the on his web site. Of coarse he also recorded a demo of the Obsession and Bolero jump wings pickups used in the Eagle guitar for the guitars for vets program. He is such a monster guitar player that I should have him do demos for all my pickups. Maybe someday I will...

Bottom line is that I always get excited when I get an order from Benford because I never know what it will be exactly. He might be planning something crazy like this Ford truck lap steel or something tasteful yet unconventional like this killer Flying V. This week I send him 3 Tele pickups and a Humbucker. I can't wait to see what they went in. Next week it might be a pickups shaped like an eyeball. I have no idea how many pickups I have sent him over the years but I thankful that he is out there building the stuff people want to play.

Thanks Steve!

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