Friday, December 14, 2007

The Piper Special ( Tele master...)

So, have you ever wondered what the pickup on the home page of Searcy String Works is? Well, It's a Piper special. Being based in Nashville I have built a lot of Tele bridge pickups but the most popular has been the Piper special. I shipped out a lot in the last few weeks. Benford bought a few and I even shipped one to Alaska. This pickups was named after Pipes, the co host of the Six String Bliss podcast because it was built to his specs. Pipes ordered a custom Tele from Steve Benford that was going to have 4 pickups and a crazy switching system . Because a Tele bridge is grounded through the pickup it can have all sorts of problems if you get too fancy with the switching. To avoid all that we decided to ground the bridge plate separately. It's not an innovation that will revolutionize guitar building but it can be handy. The Piper Special is wound slightly hot with 42 ga wire and this batch features a vintage style string wrapped coil that looks more at home on vintage and relic guitars. I also make them in a black tape finished coil if the string ain't your thing. They are double wax potted and the Alnico 5 magnets are insulated from the bridge plate to prevent shorting. If you need one drop me a line.

Pipes: “…holy shit does it sound amazing!…I got Quality pups at a fair price and I got them from someone who puts in the extra effort to make sure they are perfect....In my book you cannot beat that”.

They are $79.99 USD.

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