Thursday, October 30, 2008

They call me the working man...

...I guess that's what I am...

It's Halloween time and in honor of the season I have posted a few old spooky MIDI tunes I recorded many years ago.

1. Vamp mp3
2. Renfield mp3

Been working hard ..... The shop is full of pickups and notes and ideas this week. The humbuckers for the Six String Bliss NAMM fund raiser are going out this week. I made some more Tele pickups for Benford. Oh... And Steve would like you to know that his computer crashed and he has lost some Emails. So if you wrote him lately and he hasn't gotten back to you that's why. Go over to his website and read all about it.

I got a cool Rickenbacker 4001 bass pickup in for some work. We thought it needed a rewind but it turns out it just needed the ground wire re soldered.

I also got some of my old Searcy String Works pickups in for some work. It's interesting to see where your little wonders go after they leave the shop and venture out into the world. I'll be posting more about some of these projects later.

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Jacko said...

Busy, busy man. Can't wait to see those NAMM buckers.

Have a great weekend.