Monday, November 10, 2008

Hello pickup my old friend.... (a Jazz-90 comes home...)

Anyone remember me telling you about my Jazz-90 Pickups? They were the result of aa effort between me and Steve Benford for his kick ass Surf-57 guitar. They sounded so good that when Chris Benavente asked for something special to put in some guitars he was taking to NAMM we quickly decided the Jazz-90s were the way to go.

They were designed to sound like a Fender Jazz Master pickup but withough the ugly HUGE covers. I won't say they sound exactly like a Jazz Master pickup but they do have that big fat soul without so much of the noise. I had a set come back to the shop this week that needed to have to leads replaced and some covers swapped out. Ain't they somthin all decked out in gold? Click here if you want to hear what she sounds like.

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