Monday, September 17, 2007

Neo Rock P-Bass pickup

This week I have also been trying to finalize the design for the new Neo Rocks. These are P-bass humbuckers with Neodymium magnets and a massive 18K winding on them. They sound huge but I have been having some trouble with the covers. I think I finally have it all worked out.

It's interesting. When I first started playing bass I dreamed of getting a Fender P-Bass like Steve Harris or Billy Sheehan so you would think that when I started making pickups I would have tried to make my own version of the P-bass right away. But I didn't. Until now. These new pickups are aggressive sounding like a P-bass should be but they have a more defined top end and more pronounced upper mids because if the Neodymium magnets. But they don't wimp out. I'm putting a set in my old Fender this week I think. They will be a great match for the Neo Jazz pickups.


J-chot said...

can I ask for some advice?

I'm making some neodymium bass pickups, and the magnets are cylindrical: 1/4" diameter, 1/5" long.

they're basically glued between 2 pieces of 1/8" plywood. if I were to make a p-bass style pickup with 2 magnets per coil, how many wraps per coil do you think I should use? (42awg), how many wraps should I use for a "soap bar" bass pickup with the same specs?

I'm asking you because you seem to have a lot of experience making neodymium pickups. I assume that since neodymium pickups are stronger, that they could use a smaller coil, and still retain good lows with the improved mids and highs.. how many wraps do you recommend?

Clint Searcy said...

How's it going J-Chot?

Your idea will work and produce a signal but it wont have much output. Your 1/5th" magnets are very thin and won't have the amount of pull that you think they will. The 1/8" plywood flange means that these very week magnets will be a considerable distance from the strings. If you can, go with some half inch long magnets and drill them through the bobbin flange. That would give a lot of boost to your signal. I would say you need to stat with at least 10,000 turn of 42 to get a signal that isn't all top end. More turns make for more low end. You will need the extra low end to balance the extra highs produced by the neo magnets.