Sunday, September 7, 2008

W. Jeffrey Jones Guitars (From the dark mind of the Master!)

Do you remember me telling you about W. Jeffrey Jones Guitars?
They are the masterful works of professional sculptor turned luthier W.Jeffrey Jones. He has sculpted everything from Santa to Spawn . His Dragon Wing art guitar is undoubtedly one of the most outrageous guitars I have ever had he pleasure of putting pickups in and his Nocturne Guitar is shaping up to top even that one.

So that's W.Jeffrey Jones and the other day he was passing through Nashville where he and I and Alicia got a chance to meet at the Baja Burrito . We ate some of the best burritos in Nashville and talked about guitars and Nashville and guitar pickups and finally I got a chance to see one of W. Jeffrey Jones' famous fretless guitars in the flesh.
Click here and listen to what one of these sounds like. The guitar is called the Special K and I can tell you that the workmanship this guy puts into his instruments is unreal. See those black lines? That's not ink or paint. It's ebony wood dust. The thin and light finish is a polymerized linseed oil and it settles into the grain just enough to let you know you are feeling wood. I wish I had brought my PigNose so I could have played it a little louder.

I can already tell that I will be doing a lot of work with W. Jeffrey Jones Guitars and I can't wait to see what sort of crazy art guitars he makes next.

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