Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Malmstrom lap steel pickup rebuild. (The Long Strange Trip... )

Over the years countless pickups have made their way through my little shop. Everything from dead 1950's Fender Strat pickups and 1960's FilterTrons needing to be rewound to the Katrina pickups that were nearly tossed out as unusable. Yep... it's been a long strange trip.
But not one of those pickups has sparked as much interest, intrigue and even a little bit of controversy like this strange pickup from Finland that I rebuilt a few years ago. I have written about it extensively and the other day I decided to present the story in a more modern medium. Check out this video.

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Nils Kjellin said...

This was a really informative, funny and well made video! I would like to give you an applause for your excellent work!