Friday, March 13, 2009

Big Screen Bliss

The new CD from Six String Bliss featuring movie songs we all know and love has just been released on their web site for FREE! Click on the Big Screen Bliss picture to go to their web site and down load the full 14 track CD. Or better yet down load episode # 142 of the Six String Bliss guitar podcast and hear the guys go through each track and comment on them.

Oh, and the very first track on the CD is your truly doing a cover of a cars classic.

Here is how Pipes and PT introduced the CD to the world...

First the Bliss community covered some of the most memorable theme songs of the small screen with the album Stay Tuned. We couldn't stop there! Now we moved on to our big screen debut with the Album Big Screen Bliss where we take on the movie themes you know and love.

According to Pipes, co-host of the Podcast: “Movie soundtracks are designed to be pure emotion. They are designed to make you feel. This was a perfect fit for the Six-String Bliss community”. Stated PT Hylton, the program’s other co-host: “One of the most rewarding parts of putting this album together was seeing the growth of the musicians in our community. This album is focused, confident and just plain fun!”

Check it!

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