Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ellie Erickson and The MF7

My good friend Ellie Erickson has her hands in all sorts of things. The builds guitars, amp, pedals, pickups, mandolins, acoustics and hot sauce. And that's just getting started... She has a few bands she plays for. One is The MF7 where she holds down the electric guitar slot usually with her Roland Les Paul copy that she rebuilt into a hell of a player. It's sporting some Searcy String Works
Knuckleheads these days. Knuckleheads have some serous bite and punch with their neodymium powered magnet structure and they slightly hot coils.
Give them a listen as Ellie and crew tell you all about Miss Molly in this crazy video they did! Each member of the band made a puppet of them self and their instrument and jammed for the camera.

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