Sunday, June 13, 2010

Who needs floors?

Once the walls were out and the crew went home it was time to start ripping out the floors. It was important to get air moving under the house so the wood could dry out and mold wouldn't start growing. Once the carpet was out we learned that some of the floor was rotten any way and needed to be replaced.When we were ripping out the old drywall and flooring we found that at some point the floor had started to rot in the utility closet that holds the washer and dryer. Instead of fixing it the previous owners cut a patch for it out of 1" plywood and just scabbed that over the top of the damage allowing it to stay out of sight and rot to its hearts content. The floor had actually sagged almost 2" and Amy had to cut out all the damage and jack up the floor with a bottle jack. Then we made some temporary braces for it out of blocks. We will make some more permanent ones later when the rest of the house work is done.

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