Friday, March 21, 2008

Masters of Metal ( where I come from...)

Alright, I thought I would let you know a little more about me on this blog. So every once in a while I'm gonna toss in some music that has shaped my life in some way.

Let's start with this classic oldie. Way back in the early 80's I was growing my musical roots and raging against the world by becoming a proper metal head! This was no easy trick because metal was underground and NewWave rules the air waves. Before the internet or MTV us little music fans had to dig around in crusty old record stores for back issues of Kerrang! magazine or buy underground compilation records to learn about new bands. One of those compilation records I got hooked on was a K-Tel record called Master of Metal. This was a fantastic record that ended up being one of the more important record I have ever owned.
Check out this killer bit of classic 80's goodness! I have taken the time to rebuild the record via YouTube (ain't the interweb grand?!) . I never knew some of these songs even had videos. After seeing them I wish some of them didn't have videos... but they do and they are huge monuments to early 80's cheese. Check out the great tunes and laugh at the stupid videos with me.

Here is a great song from the short time Ian Gillian was with Black Sabbath. It's all about just saying no to drinking and driving kid.

Here is a classic from Y&T(Yesterday and Today). Front man Dave Meniketti's guitar riffs and monster vocals ate top notch. It's one of the cheesiest videos ever but a great song. Dave is still out there pushing Y&T.

Rainbow was Ritchie Blackmores solo project after he left Deep Purple. He helped guys like Dio, Graham Bonnet and Joe Lyn Turner make a their names as top level singers. This video let's us play detective. Does he save the girl in time?

Now we move on to the heavy weights of the time. Iron Maiden! These boys have a better sense of how to use the new video format to show off their live performance. Steve Harris is still a god!

These days it's hard to think that Rush was ever considered Heavy Metal but back in the day they fit the bill just fine. "The space invader gets by on you.."

It goes without saying that no 80's compilation would be complete without the budget breaking "Breakin the Chains" Video from Dokken. I used to sing this tune with my first band back when... Check out George sportin' the skunk mullet! Great guitar player.

It also goes without saying.... Zebra! In the future this is what things will look like....right?

On this record Dio is not singing for Rainbow or Black Sabbath. He's singing for Dio. That's a 6 year old Vivian playing guitar too. How can you not love Dio?

Here is a fine Zepplinish epic tale of love, death, battle and revenge! What could be more Metal!!??

I can't show you that the next song is "Lick It Up" from Kiss. There's money to be made you know. This video had everyone wanting to know why Kiss took the makeup off. More post apocalyptic shot... All early 80's metal videos were lifted from The Road Warrior.

I also couldn't find a pro video of this classic but this live version is great. Still young, wild and free!

Not many know that before Twisted Sister put on the dresses and makeup they were a biker band. Don't believe me? Check this rocker out!

And .. there never was a video for Van Halens Dancing in the Streets but this will do! Everybody dance!!

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Jacko said...

Holy smokes! I had that very same album! The only metal album I had. My brother and I would crank up our record player/stereo system before our parents came back from work. Major flash backs. Thanks for bringing back those memories.