Sunday, March 2, 2008

Project Blue Balls

Ok... I'm a bass player at heart and I love to tinker with new gear so I got this Electro Harmonix BassBalls Twin Dynamic Filter pedal because I love envelope filters and... well... it was super cheap. I played around with it for a while and decided it just wasn't all that cool. It's pretty much a two trick pony. One is a wonky filter effect and the other is a wonky filter with crappy distortion effect so it went in the box of old stomp boxes I have.
Then the other day I got the notion to crack it open and see what was inside. This revealed two tiny trim pots on the board that seemed to set the notch for the twin filters. After tweaking them a bit it became clear to me that this pedal could be dialed in a lot better than the factory preset. In fact I was finding some very usable sound hidden in side this little box. That started me thinking that these pots should be easier to get too. Why not mount them on the front of the pedal??
Thus was the Searcy String Works Blue Balls pedal born. You can now get your very own for $130. In addition to the stock Distortion switch and Sensitivity knob I give you two additional knobs to adjust the notch settings to your playing style and your bass. For the low, low price of only $130 plus shipping and handling you get a new Russian made Bass Balls pedal with all new pots!! But that's not all boys and girls! You also get, at no additional cost!! three brand new, easy to read, easy to adjust chicken head knobs in beautiful corn flower blue!!! But wait!! There's more! We also include absolutely free, a brand new, smooth working mini switch to replace the clunky Russian made one that comes with the pedal. Now... how much would you pay for these exciting stomp box option? Don't answer just yet because that not all you get! Searcy String Work is also including, absolutely free to the consumer this cool Blue LED to replace the boring old Red one that comes stock on the pedal.
The result is an envelope filter that is unlike any other. It will make all the cool sounds the Bass Balls is known for but this improved adjustability makes what was a gimmicky toy into a far more versatile tool. Tweaking these knobs just a degree or two can make a big difference in how responsive it is it is to your playing. It can also be used with guitar to good effect. Here is an MP3 of my playing around with the new Blue Balls on guitar and bass.

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