Sunday, October 14, 2007

8 String Neo Jazz ( part 4 ...the new saw)

I got to do some more work on the 8 string Neo Jazz pickups for JC Basses again yesterday. This time I made the lower half of the shell for the first cover and finished a large amount of the second cover. I chose some walnut for the lower half of the pickup. I like the contrast that it has with Ebony. I don't know why I care though. It's not like anyone will ever see this part of the pickup.
After cutting out the walnut blank on the band saw I drill a few holes in it and then it's on to he scroll saw. This nice new Hitachi is the latest addition to the shop. It's replacing the ancient $40 junker that I have had from the start of Searcy String Works. Unlike the old junker it's variable speed and will hold both pinless and pinned blades. It has a nice hold down foot, a tool stand and a light. It's a joy to run and I suddenly feel spoiled. Normally I refuse to buy new tools. There is just too much depreciation. I would rather get a deal on a used one. But this one was on sale so it wasn't too bad a deal.

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