Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Meet Antonella Mazza (part 1... the girl's got rhythm)

Do you know Antonella Mazza? She may look like the spokesmodel for Warwick basses or MarkBass Amps but the truth is she one of the most well respected and in demand bass players in Italy. If you need a grinding groove goddess to hold down the low-end in a rock band or a master of the upright bass to fill out a jazz gig Antonella has what it takes to adapt to almost any gig. Having played shows for crowds of 450,000 and even breaking her foot during a gig without missing a beat Antonella is a veteran of the road. She has played for jazz greats like Lillian Boutte' and Lino Patruno but she can hold her own with rock guitar shred masters like George Lynch as well.

She has been featured in interviews with The International Instatute of Bassists website and where she discusses her passion for the bass. She explained that "She has studied upright bass at G. Verdi Conservatory with teacher Ezio Pederzani and at the Novara Conservatory with Davide Botto. She received a masters degree in Ethnomusicology from D.A.M.S. and also as Sound Designer. She has held clinics on electric bass and upright bass with Dave Clark and Bruce Geerz from Berklee College of Boston, with John Patitucci, Claude Tchamitchan, Paolo Costa, E.Lo Greco."

So, still thinking Antonella Mazza is just another pretty face? Check out her MySpace page and listen to the music or watch the videos. Check out her relentless tour schedule. Listen to the song clips from her Antonella Mazza Bass Power web site. If, after that, you don't understand that this lady is a master of her craft with more dedication than 90% of the players out there then you aren't paying attention. Perhaps you're distracted by something.

So, why am I going on about this lady? Well first I, too, am a bass player and love the chance to hear new players. Second, Antonella recently wrote to Searcy String Works and asked if I would help her develop a new pickup system for her upright basses. After a few emails back and forth we worked out a rough idea and decided to give it a try.

So keep an eye out here for updates as this project progresses.

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antonella said...

so happy to have this possibility to develop my pick up idea! lucky to find so great professionist helping me!!!Really thank u!