Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween 2007 Neo Jazz release!! ( You've got to pick up every stitch,)

The Searcy String Works fall 2007 product release is almost here gang. If you haven't reserved your set of Neo Jazz pickups you might be out of luck this time because there are only a few sets left. I banged out a very rough MP3 of the neo jazz sound if your interested in hearing it. I plan to do a few more as I have time.

Neo Jazz Bass pickups are unlike any Jazz Bass pickup on the market today. The use of a long, single neodymium magnet gives the Neo Jazz it's name and it's unique sound. The traditional Jazz Bass clarity and "burp" are loud and clear but these pickups also produce better bottom end definition for a richer and fuller sound.

The 3" long blade style pole eliminates string spacing issues. The Vintage style leads are connected to the pickups using screw terminal connectors. This allows for fast and easy phase corrections without even opening the control cavity. This standard will be used on future Jazz Bass style pickups so that even someone who can't solder can replace their pickups. Epoxy potted for your protection and 4 black mounting screws are included.


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