Thursday, August 21, 2008

12 String Monster part 2

I got the bobbins made up for the huge 12 string bass pickup. I wound them with 42 gauge wire to start with but was having trouble getting the resistance up where I wanted it and still keep the size manageable. So I worked my way up. After a few rewinds I ended up at 45ga poly coated wire. It's gold in color and is one of the smallest wire types I have. It did the job well.
I picked out some Ebony for the cover with a wicked white stripe in it. It should make a good visual statement. I have never understood these cats that want a hand made ebony cover then they want it dyed jet black and then polished to a mirror finish so that it looks like plastic. Why not just let me make one out of plastic? Oh well.... takes all kinds I guess.