Saturday, August 2, 2008

The JC Basses 8 string Monster!

Anyone remember those crazy 8 string Neo Jazz pickups I made a while back? I killed a scroll saw making those monster ebony covers! No big deal though, I needed a new scroll saw anyway. Well those big single coils went out to JC Basses in Cali to be used in a wicked 8 string, quilted top bass. This thing is amazing to behold! I sooooooo... wish I could play it... Man.... now I'm depressed.....

The only thing I don't like now that I look at it is where I put the screw holes.
I thought that would look cooler than it does. It's a small thing but it's room for improvement. Next time we do this I'll make them match better.

So if you're looking for a monster, sky's the limit, custom bass give JC Basses a chance. You'll get to see your bass before he ever starts working because when it comes to CAD he has mad skills.

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Anonymous said...

how much distance you measure between the string and neos?