Friday, November 28, 2008

The Little Drummer Boy

It's now Thanksgiving weekend. That means it must time to put up the Christmas decorations. There is a huge effort these days to move Christmas Decorations Day to October 31st. But guess I'm just a traditionalist.
Now... I'm not a particularly religious guy but last year when I was asked submit a Christmas song for a compilation CD I chose to go with an all bass version of 'The Little Drummer Boy".
The keyboards you think you hear on this track are not keyboards at all but bass guitar running through some of my many effects. On this song I am using two pedals from the Digitech X-Series. Those being the Bass Synth pedal and the Bass Multi-Chorus pedal. The drums and vocals are loops that put together in Sony ACID as a backing track. When I first recorded this song and let people hear it many of them seemed to describe it as sounding like a sort of weird horror movie rendition of the old classic. This has always puzzled me a bit. So I put together this little video of the sort of images that were running through my head when I conceived and recorded this little ditty. The composition itself is a slight take on the old David Bowie, Bing Crosby duet from an old TV show with a little Chris Squire and Bootsy Collins tossed in for good measure.

Hope you dig it. More pickup stuff next week I promis.

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