Saturday, November 22, 2008

Justin Poynter gets mellow with his Benavente Guitar(Jazz-90 Pickups)

Correction! This cat in this video is not Pete Poynter as I reported earlier but his mega riffin' son Justin Poynter.

Remember those old Searcy String Works Jazz-90s I wrote about a little while back? Well here is a video of them being put through some very tasty riffs by Justin
Poynter and his fantastic Benavente guitar. I'm always happy to see demos of the work that leaves the Searcy String Works shop. Be sure to tell Justin what you think of his video and his kicking pickups and remember that if there is a video of you playing some of our products be sure and drop us an email about it.


Mark Johnson said...

I am an old friend of bioth Pete and Justin Poynter. Any contact info for them in Grants Pass, OR?

My name is Mark Johnson and I can be reached at 818-216-4857


Clint Searcy said...

Hello Mark

I forwarded your information to Pete so he can contact you. It's always interesting to see what comes of these blog posts. I'm happy that you old friends are able to find each other.