Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stelios the Greek!

Ok, so you're saying to your self "...Man... why isn't Clint making any crazy pickups these days?" Well my fine, festering freakbone of a friend, who says I'm not?
Here is the latest psychotic offering. It is from the mind of a mad Greek names Stelios who found about Searcy String Works by listing to the longest running guitar podcast on the web... Six String Bliss! Stelios is a fantastic player who wants a guitar that will play in stereo. So we have split the output into two channels with the bass string going to one and the treble strings going to the other. This has required us to split all the coils down the middle and use Mu-Metal shielding to try to lessen bleed over between the D and G strings. Keep an eye out for more on this insane project.

1 comment:

Jacko said...

That is wild and wacky stuff!

Sounds a big bunch of wires.